terms and conditions 


1 Buy from Nationofdesign.com

On Nationofdesign.com you can only order products through our website.


2 Prices

All prices are incl. 25% VAT and in DKK, unless otherwise is noted .

 Prices are only valid in Europe , unless otherwise noted.

 Subject to :

• currency changes

• force majeure

• delivery failures

• tax changes

• sold out and misprints


3 Sales generally

The stated price at the time of booking , is the applicable booking price.


4 Delivery

When you buy from Nationofdesign.com there is free shipping in Denmark.

Delivery in Europe costs 15 Euro.

For delivery outside Europe please contact info@nationofdesign.com for price.

Delivery is by Post Denmark or local courier. Delivery time is 5-7 business days in Denmark, for longer delivery time you will be notified by mail.

Reservations are made regarding availability and delayed delivery of Nationofdesign.com's wholesalers and suppliers.


5 Cancellations

If you want to cancel an already placed order, it must be done by sending an email marked " Cancellation " . Please note that the order date and order number must appear in the email.

 If you have received an order confirmation please return the email to info@nationofdesign.com with the text

" Cancellation " inserted in the subject text . Cancellation must be made within the same day the order has been made.

If the package has not been canceled within same day of the order and the package was sent by Nationofdesign.com, the customer must cover the shipping costs.


6 Payment

The possible payment methods are:

 • Visa

• VISA / Dankort

• Visa Electron

• Mastercard

• Paypal

 There is no fee for online payments to Nationofdesign.com

There can never be deducted an amount larger than what you have approved the acquisition.


7 Warranty

There is a 2-year warranty on products purchased from Nationofdesign.com by law. If there is additional warranty or guarantee, it will appear separately on the invoice.

Of course it is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect is not caused by incorrect use of the product or other injurious behavior.

 Damage to product caused by operating errors, handling errors , modifications or gross misuse by the user are not covered by the warranty. This also includes change of input current to any relevant component.


8 Use of warranty

Complaints about defects must be notified to the Nationofdesign.com within reasonable time after you have discovered the defect. If you advertise within two months after the defect is discovered, the claim is always timely.

 If the complaint is justified, we will send you a return waybill covering the shipping costs .


The product sent to:


Møllemoseparken 69

DK - 3450 Allerød



The customer is urged in the strongest terms , to declare about product failure or defect in the complaint , the failure could mean an extension of the remediation process due to troubleshooting.


Items not included in the warranty and / or received without proper packaging will be on packaged and will be charged an amount equal to the Nationofdesign.com costs for necessary and proper packaging.

 Goods returned after claims or sent without postage refused the Nationofdesign.com.


9 Returned products that do not contain errors

The return of defective or wrong items to the Nationofdesign.com, where failure or malfunction, defined and specified by the customer is not found, the item will be returned to the customer including a test fee.

 Test fee is DKK 200 per half hour incl . VAT. Test fee is calculated on the basis of time consumed during the testing and debugging.

 Enclose the accessories, the number and product description enclosed. Included are accessories that are not readily apparent on the enclosed claim form may Nationofdesign.com shall not be liable for any loss of these effects.

 Items should be returned with a copy of the invoice with purchase of the advertised product is clear, since otherwise it will be shelved pending invoice copies and possible error message on the product.

10 Proper return

All products that are returned to the Nationofdesign.com, has to be sent securely wrapped so the original packaging and product is not damaged during shipping.

Nationofdesign.com recommends that the product is sent as a package by courier. In this way it is possible to track the package waives any doubt as to whether the goods have been delivered to the Nationofdesign.com. Further you have the opportunity to advertise for the package if no delivery has taken place.


11 If in doubt

If there arise doubts recommend Nationofdesign.com that you will contact info@nationofdesign.com or by phone +45 6172 7419.


12 Returns

The statutory 14 day return

1 The 14 day return

2 How to return goods


12.1 The 14 day return

If the order of goods is made via the Internet, the consumer has 14 days to cancel .


Right runs from the time of delivery to the consumer. Should you wish to cancel within 14 days we will refund the price.

To use this right, must be delivered to courier within 14 days of receipt.

The condition for the withdrawal is that the item is returned in the same condition as recieved . The right of withdrawal lapses why if you use the product in a way that obviously reduces the sales value. If the item is returned in the same condition, valued product estimated by the Nationofdesign.com from a potential sale value .


For the purposes of withdrawal goods returned in original packaging . Lack original packaging leads often to a deterioration of the selling price , so you based on an assessment made by the Nationofdesign.com, will be credited with an equivalent amount of degradation . At worst, missing original packaging , etc. result in the acquisition can not be undone . Cost of sending back the goods the consumer .


Nationofdesign.com will return the money to your bank account within 30 days.


12.2 How to return goods

There are two ways you can return the item to:

• You can refuse to accept the goods from the post office. In this context, please advice the post office so that they can return the product to the Nationofdesign.com.

• You can receive the item from the post office and then in 14 days, return the product to Nationofdesign.com. In this context, we ask you to enclose a copy of the invoice for the goods purchased, as proof that the / the returned items purchased from Nationofdesign.com.


Return address is as follows:


Nation of design.com

Møllemoseparken 69

DK - 3450 Allerød



Mark the package " Returns " and attach a copy of the purchase invoice, which is evidence that the / the returned items purchased from Nationofdesign.com. The amount returned by bank transfer - REMEMBER to enclose account number, where you want the amount transferred to .


Returns as a result of the withdrawal is at the buyer 's own expense. Nationofdesign.com recommends that the product is returned via courier , and the product is sent as a package . In this way it is possible to track the package and waives any doubt as to whether the goods have been delivered to the Nationofdesign.com. Further you have the opportunity to be able to advertise for the package if no delivery has taken place.


Goods returned after claims or sent without postage refused the Nationofdesign.com.


13 Privacy Policy

For you to agree with us on Nationofdesign.com , we need the following information :


• Name

• Address

• Phone number

• E-mail address


We record of your personal information for the purpose of delivering goods to you .

When collecting personal information through our website, we ensure that it is always done with your explicit consent so that you are informed of exactly what information is collected and why.

We do not store encrypted customer information, and we do not transmit customer information is encrypted.


Information provided to Nationofdesign.com transmitted or sold in any way to third parties, and we will record any sensitive personal information.


14 Cookies

On Nationofdesign.com use cookies in order to optimize the website and its functionality, thus making your visit as easy as possible for you.

You can always delete cookies from your computer, how depends on your browser.


15 Contact information


Møllemoseparken 69

3450 Allerød


Phone +45 6172 7419


VAT no 34584877